Dec 19, 2011

TAT 2011 English subject paper

This is solution of English subject paper of Teachers Aptitude Test 2011, also known as TAT (and NOT TET which stands for Teachers Eligibility Test), taken on December 18, 2011. It was of 100 marks as specified.


Edit the following passage by selecting the most appropriate options for the underlined words from those given below the passage.

No sooner had he receive the message when he left the office in a worried. When he asked he said none in reply.

(1) Hardly
(2) received
(3) worry
(4) was asked
(5) nothing

Complete the following sentences selecting the most appropriate options given below them.

(6) He drove slowly and carefully ........
Ans: so that he could avoid an accident.

(7) He stared at me .......
Ans: as if I had taken his mobile.

(8) Gujarat is more developed than ........
Ans: most other states.

Read the following stanzas and answer the questions selecting the most appropriate option given below them:

(9) The woodman is strictly instructed ...
Ans: not to touch the tree.

(10) The poet wants to save the tree because .....
Ans: it sheltered him in his youth and his forefathers had sown it.

(11) Which tree is mentioned in the poem?
Ans: The Oak tree

Pick out from the stanza the words that are similar in meanings to

(12) cut ....
Ans: hew

(13) renown ....
Ans: famous

(14) In the poem "At the Theatre", the poet says -
Don't breathe upon my neck so much, means ........
Ans: don't keep so close to me.

(15) The archer didn't shoot the boy because ........
Ans: they wanted a prisoner to tell them about the English camp.

(16) The captain set the boy free because ........
Ans: the boy had a brave heart and the captain desired to respect his courage.

(17) 'heeded' means .....
Ans: paid attention to

(18) The poem 'Somebody's Mother' describes .....
Ans: how a little boy helped a poor old woman to cross a busy road.

(19) The boy helped the old woman because ......
Ans: she was somebody's mother.

(20) The new governor took out from his iron-chest .....
Ans: the old sheep-skin cloak.

I saw him first at the Sabarmati Ashram. He used to visit the Ashram now and then. He ... ... ... ... ...

(21) Who is the founder of the Wardha Ashram?
Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

(22) Sardar visited the Wardha Ashram .....
Ans: so often

(23) Gujarat Vidhyapith is situated in ......
Ans: Ahmedabad

The king was equally amazed to see the ruby which he had thrown into the river. He at ... ... ... ... ...

(24) Who had received the present of a fish?
Ans: The minister

(25) The king was surprised to see the ruby because ....
Ans: he had thrown it into a river.

Read the following stanzas and answer the questions selecting the most appropriate options given below them:

(26) And failed to find a story to relate means ...
Ans: and is unable to find the real cause.

(27) When all the arrows that we have are case means ...
Ans: we have already done with our worst.

(28) The enemy did not turn away because ....
Ans: He wanted to tell something to the poet.

(29) The poet fled quickly because .....
Ans: He had a fear that if he stayed, he would kiss up his enemy.

In a 30 manner, a boy made a mischief, then he 31 but he was not given 32. The boy had 33 the college.

(30) playful
(31) apologized
(32) forgiveness
(33) to leave

Read the following conversation. Then complete the following dialogue in Reported speech selecting the most appropriate options given below:

(34) Monitor asked the teacher ..............
Ans: What she would teach them that day.

(35) The teacher replied
Ans: that she would teach them indirect narration.

(36) Then monitor requested teacher
Ans: to teach them adverb clause of purpose.

(37) Then teacher exclaimed ................
Ans: that it was very easy.

(38) Then the teacher suggested ....
Ans: that they should learn it.

Fill the blanks in the following text selecting the most appropriate forms of Verbs given below:

I (39) only two achievements of the Sardar. They are his Satyagraha in Bardoli and the unification of India (40) by him. The Satyagraha of Bardoli (41) there in as a successful application of the non-violent technique. He did not write a book nor (42) on many occasions. His maxim was, a true understanding (43) in one's conduct.

(39) have mentioned
(40) brought about
(41) will be recorded
(42) speak
(43) must reveal

Fill in the blanks in the following text selecting the most appropriate options given below it.

India is a 44 country. The people of our country are 45. However they do not 46. 47 losing hope and courage, they face the circumstances 48.

(44) developing
(45) poor
(46) lose heart
(47) instead of
(48) boldly

Read the following stanzas and answer the questions selecting the most appropriate option given below them:

"Pity the nation ... ... ... ... ...

(49) People don't rebel till they find that ...
Ans: Their neck is laid between the sword and the block.

(50) The statesmen and philosophers are condemned here ......
Ans: Who are cunning.

(51) A new ruler is welcomed with ...
Ans: trumpetings

(52) Sages are ...
Ans: Dumb

That moment came when Blackie driving the car, ran over a policman. And ... ... ... ... ...

(53) To abandon means ....
Ans: to give up

(54) Blackie had driven away swiftly because ......
Ans: (a) and (c) both [(a) he was thinking of the suitcase at Hasty's feet AND (c) he had run over a policeman]

(55) It was a wrong house for Hasty and Blackie because ......
Ans: it was the house of a Police Officer.

(56) The suitcase contained .....
Ans: three hundred thousand dollars.

(57) Hasty Hogan and Blackie Burns were .......
Ans: robbers

(58) They had had to abandon the car because .....
Ans: a bullet had punctured the gasoline tank.

(59) What does the poet say about God?
Ans: God is not unjust.

(60) What did Alan see on his way to the sports-ground?
Ans: A very old man leaning on his stick.

(61) Who has written the poem, "Confessions of a Born Spectator"?
Ans: Ogdan Nash

(62) Who interviewed Uncle Ken?
Ans: Maharaja

(63) 'Doting sisters' means the sisters ......
Ans:Who loved too much ignoring his faults

(64) 'Martyr' means .......
Ans: to die for a noble cause.

(65) A silly young cricket began to complain that .....
Ans: his cupboard was empty and winter was come.

(66) 'We ants never borrow we ants never lend', means ......
Ans: ants never give or take anything.

(67) Which of the following statements is false?
Ans: In November, there is a heavy snowfall.

(68) The girl had such beautiful eyes, but they were of no use to her because .....
Ans: She was completely blind.

(69) Mention the most appropriate answer.
Ans: A and C both. [(A) The doctor advised that the patient should take bed-rest for a week AND (C) The doctor advised the patient to take bed-rest for a week]

Read the following paragraph and answer them selecting the options given against question.

Frightening though it may sound, it has to to be faced! So, let's think of ... ... ... ... ...

(70) People commonly believe that facing an interview is ...
Ans: frightening

(71) While answering the questions at an interview .........
Ans: One must know the answers to all or at least most of the questions.

(72) While facing an interview, the most important thing is ...
Ans: to be confident.

(73) Positive thinking enables one ...
Ans: to give a good interview.

(74) Why could Hanumanthappa not study further?
Ans: Hunumanthappa lived in a village and the financial condition of his large family could not afford for his further studies.

(75) Which two words meant for the different sounds produced by birds?
Ans: Chattering and twittering are two words sounds that are produced by birds.

(76) Why does Aunt Jane approve Jack & Jill's way of living?
Ans: Aunt Jane herself has never owed a penny in her life, so she does not approve Jack and Jill's way of living.

Read the following paragraph and answer them selecting the options given against the question.

The Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) of ... ... ... ... ...

(77) The reason of the celebration was ..........
Ans:Major Rathore had won the first Olympic silver medal in double trap shooting.

(78) Major Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore was posted as ..........
Ans: officer-in-charge of the shotgun team.

(79) AMU is ..........
Ans: The Army Marksmanship Unit.

(80) OIC means ..........
Ans: Officer-in-charge.


(81) 'STTI - Gandhinagar' is the institute which gives training to ..............
Ans: Teachers

(82) The primary teachers are given .................... by DIET at all the district level.
Ans: training

(83) Choose proper Audio teaching aid from the following.
Ans: Radio

(84) In the blue print, there are four types of ...................
Ans: Objectives

(85) .................. is a planning of a small topic.
Ans: Stray lesson

(86) Select the characteristics of a good test.
Ans: objectivity, validity, reliability.

(87) The measurement of objectives like ......., ......., ........ and ........ is done through Blueprint.
Ans: knowledge, understanding, application, skill.

(88) Select the cause which misfits the fall of the standards of English language.

(89) Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are the .............. of English Language.
Ans: Objectives

(90) By the time students leave the school, they should have mastery over about ...... basic structures.

(91) "The moment a concept and foreign words are intimately brought into contact without the intervention of the native word, we have the Direct-method"; who said so?
Ans: Felix Frank

(92) "Fair and legible handwriting makes a man perfect in all walks of life", are the words of ............
Ans: M. K. Gandhi

(93) The Direct Method of English teaching is originated in ...............
Ans: France

(94) "The importance of speech, of forming language habits and of the pupil's activity', are the principles of ................ approach.

(95) Select which one is not the type of Composition.
Ans: Pictorial

(96) Inductive method is not feasible in over-crowded classes like India to teach .............

(97) "Diagnostic testing and remedial teaching are the moral building and interest building enterprises for students", is defined by .....................

(98) References, Teaching Aids & Methods, Objectives and Assessment are the steps of a ................
Ans: Lesson-plan

(99) The subject English is made ................ at the SSC level examination from June-2006 onwards.
Ans: compulsory

(100) There are three types of Questions (Essay, short, objective) in ..................
Ans: Blue print

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